Modified Ductile Iron Grades

Strengthened ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron grades (SSFDI) with improved machinability and austempered ductile iron (ADI).

Strengthened ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron grades (SSFDI) – ductile iron that contains significantly more silicon than conventional ductile iron grades. Effect of better mechanical properties are by fact that Fe atoms are substituted by smaller Si atoms – as a result higher yield strength and at the same time noticeably improved results in elongination. Cast iron with higher silica content is less sensitive to low nodularity issue. Other benefits by using this iron alloy is a possibility to save costs by casting weight reduction and by improved machinability. Thanks to mentioned gains, SSFDI could be considered as option for substituting steel material. 

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) – despite to fact, that this type of ductile iron was discovered more than half century ago, growing demand in various industries for ADI components is observed only in last years. Key success factor in manufacturing Austempered Ductile Iron castings is sophisticated heat treatment process. We have experienced partners  in this field. If you are interested in ADI components, please contact us. 

SSFDI grades

MATERIAL GRADE HB Tensile Strength
Rm (MPa)
Yield Strength
Re (MPa)
A5 (%)
EN-GJS-450-18   450 350 18
GJS-500-12   500 320 12
EN-GJS-500-14   500 400 14
EN-GJS-600-10   600 400 10