Tailored solutions

Thanks to specialization in small / medium series manufacturing, we are able to offer tailored solutions in every operational level.

Every customer is important, every article counts. There is no difference, if the part will be produced as a spare part in few pieces in a year or if the iron component will be a "high runner" for a longer term. In each case the customer needs components and these should be produced taken in account specifics of industry.

Scandicast casts all standard iron grades, but we have as well special grades for some particular partners. In making inner and outer surfaces, we are able to apply different materials and production solutions based on the kind of iron component the costumer requires — be it a high pressure hydraulic block or rocker arm where geometry and strength are the key factors.

  • Modified iron grades
  • No limits on minimal order
  • Different and special materials applied
  • From simple casting till painted, machined component


See our process

This is how we make our tailored solutions