Product Certification

We make sure you get a certified product, approved by major global authorized societies in classification and certification.

Scandicast iron castings are installed in machinery and places, where any malfunction would be crucial to  people and environment safety. Therefore, often our customers are asked by end-users for a copy of inspection documents according EN 10204:2005, where is specified different types of inspection documents supplied to purchaser, in accordance with the requirements of the order for delivery of iron components.

Inspection certificates like 2.1, 2.2 and 3.1 are  issued by the Scandicast  in which we declares, that the components supplied are in compliance with the requirements of the order and in which we supply test results. Tests are carried out according to the product specification, the official regulation and order. 

If customer need inspection certificate 3.2, then we ask independent authorized classified organizations witness production and test processes. In this case, time of production should be aligned with classified organizations, therefore delivery time could be bit longer. After approval, iron components are marked by inspectors.